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Sup Tumblrs?

Here goes my first tumblr post, I thought my site needed a blog so here I am. I launched SeoGigs.Net 22 days ago and its going well so far. Been trying to keep up with all the IM forums and get the word out.

Web start ups are fun and exciting along with endless work that never seems to end but if its a project your passionate about time stands still and melds together all at once. Before you know it its 3 AM and you feel the need for cold pizza. 

Eventually like any masterpiece you have to take a step back and admire the beauty of it, take a deep break and launch it into the cyber wilderness. The rewards come after the endless hours, days, weeks and sometime months of hard work.  Along the way you get small bits of bliss when you inbox fills with new member registrations and the occasional forum post recommending your site.

This by far is one of my most beloved projects so here on tumblr and my other social network accounts I’ll start giving some SEO tips that have helped me over the last few years in Internet Marketing.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, come by the site some time too.

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